Lanair MX-200 (Heater Only)

$5,299.00 $4,649.00

Lanair MX-200 (Heater Only)


Technical Specifications:
Specifications: MX-200
Heat Range (BTUH)* to 200,000
Fuel Input (GPH) 1.44
Heating Area (sq. ft)** to 5,000
Power Supply (AC) 120 V.6OHz 20 Amps
Cabinet Dimensions (H-W-D) 24″x40.25″x48″
Hanging weight (lbs.) 413
Axial Fan (CFM) 2,600
Chimney Pipe*** 6″ Class “A”
Compressed Air**** 2 CFM – 15 PSI
Combustion Chamber 12 Gauge CRS
Ductable Option Call
Chimney Location Top/Left Side
  • * ¬†¬†BTUH value varies with fuel type
  • ** The suggested heating area is based on building with minimal
    heat loss due to open door, construction, materials, windows,
    insulation, etc…
  • *** Chimney package is optional
  • ****Customer supplied. Source must be capable of producing 2.0 CFM @ 60 PSI.


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